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♡ Happy Birthday, Singapore!

For some inexplicable reason, I’m hooked on this year’s National Day theme song. Been listening to it since forever, at the most random times. Like on quiet nights when I’m doing homework. It’s just so calming and pleasant.

I think it’s really different from all the previous years’ songs, where they try so hard to get you into the mood or something. The stand up for Singapore etc crap… cringey.

Ohyesss and I love the YOG songs too.
JJ Lin’s Oh Yeah is so catchy!!! 😀

Went to watch the NDP preview last month and it was kinda magnificent, despite the drizzling. No pictures because they fail to capture the beauty of that night. Lights and all.

Okay why am I like so patriotic this year… usually I don’t give a shit.
Maybe it’s the many comments I keep hearing from people about how they hate SG, how much it sucks and how badly they want to migrate.

Not going to attack their opinions but I feel defensive. After all, Singapore is where I’ve been residing in my whole life, in the same house since I was born, for nearly 17 years.

I find Singapore boring at times and some of the policies/systems suck. I wanna travel, go out and see places, experience new things. But I probably wouldn’t want to migrate. It’s safe and secure here. My family and friends are all here.

I’m glad to be born here and I feel proud to have Singapore as my hometown.
Ultimately, Singapore is Home :>

Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore ♥.

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