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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Rev up your speakers!

Here you can see what I’ve been learning in Digital Film & Video Production all these weeks ._.

I specially went to upload on YouTube just to show it to you all here! You can’t find it anywhere else due to privacy settings ^^

All amateur work lah, what you expect.
Don’t know why the videos appear hazy here though.

ICA2 – Feature production

I did the voiceover for this one -_-
My voice sucks.

ICA4 – Drama production

Hahahahah omg did you see 1:13?
We didn’t have enough shots, that’s why.
I think the actors did a good job and I like the final scene.

Got grades of C+ and B respectively, before adding in peer evaluation scores.

Didn’t manage to get a copy of ICA1 (news production) because we were so clueless then. ICA3 is the stupid written test.

I do not like this module.
I do not like writing AV scripts.
I do not like handling all the equipment.
I do not like using the Macs to edit with Final Cut Pro.

Though I like the lecturer and his wicked sense of humour.

Kills me to know that there will be such a filming-related module every semester.

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