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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


Clear blue sky

Finally. My well-deserved break is here.
2 months of holidays till mid-October 😀

Exam period is September but I only have 2 days of exams so I shall treat the whole period as holiday!!! 😀 wait until September then panic again okayyyy. Hehehehe.

Iz happy bunny.
No wait, no bunny. Ish panda 🙁

Honestly I look so haggard now. Boooo. Staying up to slack and loll about in bed and staying up to complete work got totally different effects k.

Bought new digicam last week but I don’t have any chance to use it yet 🙁
Don’t wanna take photos of myself too until I look radiant like beforeeeee.

Heck yesssss holidays means I can do anything I want anytime. No prizes for guessing whether body clock will change. I have given up trying and shall just embrace it 😀

I am tired from hardly getting any sleep yesterday, but I shall stay up as usual to slack, and bask in the night.

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