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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


Words of a wounded heart(via leilockheart)

My life rocks.

4:xxAM – Sleep

8:45AM – Wake up. Wonders why is awake so early. Remembers what I blogged just now and goes SHIT but snuggles up and goes back to sleep anw.

10:00AM – Wakes up for tuition

10:50AM – Reaches Dylan’s house

12:30PM – Tuition ends

1:xxPM – Reaches home to an empty house and TV is on. Lies down on bed

Calls mom on mobile but no answer. Receives a text from her few minutes later…

She: Buying lottery

Me: Warao your lottery more important your BaoBao. To think I was worried you kena kidnapped.

1:xxPM – Mom is home. Eat.

1:xxPM – Wanted go lie down first but Mom says, “I know you sure fall asleep one, you better sweep the floor first.”

2:xxPM – Sweeps floor. Decides to go lie down for awhile after that

2:30PM – Online via mobile and check all my sites. Changes my mind and sleeps

2:38PM – Last minute Facebook update, “It is 2.30PM and time to sleep. Goodnight.”

Wakes up at whatever random times back goes back to sleep each time till…

8:53PM – Lazes on bed and fiddling with my phone. Hears Dad coming home with dinner and scurries out of bed

9:xxPM – Eat

9:xxPM – Bathe

9:xxPM – Turns on laptop and starts whole social media routine

4:xxAM – Sleep

So basically it’s sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep eat, play, sleep.

What an exciting life I lead (L)

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  • *salute* permission to copy the quotation ont he picture ma`am! T_T i love your sleeping pattern coz we can hang out when everyone is sleeping..makes me feel much closer to you 🙂

    love the blogs..thanks for inspiring me by your words 🙂


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