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Busy woman iz me!

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Bleurgh. I was like O.O when I saw the calender widget at the side and realised how much I neglected this site 🙁 but have been busy with loads of stuff.

Here’s a pretty self-explantory overview, as to what’s been up, what’s going to happen, and what to expect.

Wednesday (9/6)
-Digital Film & Video Production ICA2: AV script due
-Media Industry assignment: “insight essay” (-_-?) due

Thursday (10/6)
-Give tuition
-Media Marketing ICA1: writeup and class presentation due

Friday (11/6)
-Creative & Thinking Skills: journal entry due
-Media Industry ICA1: group report due
-Business Presentation Skills 1CA2: outline and class presentation due

Saturday (12/6)
-Give tuition
-Trip to library (got reading withdrawal symptoms)

Sunday (13/6)
-Celebratory dinner

Monday (14/6)
-Buddie’s birthday
-Give tuition
-Celebratory lunch

Tuesday (15/6)
-Seoul Garden and shopping with Jasmine

Wednesday (16/6)
-Supposedly mini class outing but I decided to stay home and work on my blog/photos. If not everyday go out I will die.

Thursday (17/6)
-Give tuition
-Meet group members for DVFP ICA2 preparation at Bukit Timah (T___T)

Friday (18/6)
-Out with YouYou

Saturday (19/6)
-Give tuition
-Out with (insert number) Cs

Sunday (20/6)
Father’s Day celebration at East Coast with family and cousins

Squeeze all these in with the need to plurk, tweet, Tumblr, and edit photos.
Teeheehee. I love my life 😀

Finally all my photos are edited and ready to be posted.
That is if no new ones come in. Tomorrow maybe won’t have any, Friday onwards sure got!

Tomorrow have to prepare for DFVP ICA2 by going to meet our group’s interviewee. Her house is all the way at Bukit Timah, and her shop (where we will be doing the actual filming) is at Holland Road. Oh gawd.

Looking forward to Friday, Saturday and Sunday (:
Hope all goes well!

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