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Whatever you wanna name it

Take a chance

Ohnooo sorry I haven’t been poasting all weekend!!!
Didn’t even do homework… Went out on both days, and slept/awakened at the usual insane hours. And all the other nitty gritty. You know.

More overdue entries than ever T_T
But thanks for all the nice comments!

I will start by blogging about TODAY first.
If I have the time, I will blog about the past 4~5 days (all with pictures)!

I have a sudden mad idea to stay up tonight and catch up on all the entries LOL. Now I’m not just a quote addict, but a blogging addict too?! It’s just that I like to entertain people with my words, hehehe 😀

I skipped both GSM lectures today. JuJu and Dari also skipped but they only had one module. I passed my admin card to Dian and asked her help me scan attendance, then I left school.

Because GSMs are just ultra boring irrelevant shit.

Except that today is one of those days where life seems to want fuck around with me.

For one thing, it started raining heavily the moment I left school. Someone offered to GIVE me money to cab home (siao?) -_- But I alighted the MRT at Yishun instead with the intention of taking my beloved bus 811.

Means will be passing through Northpoint… and I almost bought loads of books (again) when I went into Popular. Yay I feel so proud of myself when I walked out of the store without buying anything. And anw, I seriously have no more extra space for books 🙁

Resisted the Starbucks temptation too!
Wooo managed to exercise sufficient self-restraint today 😀
I am trying to save money! E.g. No more cabbing to school!!!

Went into Mini Toons and ended up buying stuff again though… but after students’ discount everything is just $5.55 only so still can ^-^ treat it as a little bit of self-reward! HAHAH okay I am ridiculous.

But honestly, how can I resist this…

rainbowloveee™It’s a freaking sheep for freaking’s sake 🙁
$3.95 for such an adorable thing, can’t resist.

Slipper thingy

Another one added to my huge collection 😀



I need to STOP STOP STOP my unhealthy obsession with sheep… seriously. Especially considering how I came to like sheep. Ugh. This doesn’t seem right.

Sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep is love love love love loveeeeeeee ♥♥♥♥♥

Anw, seeing that it’s still early, decided to take the shuttle bus to SSC to buy my phone USB cable. Waited ages for the bus but it never came, so I gave up and went all the way back and waited for 811 instead to go home.

The moment I reached 811 bus stop, I saw the SSC shuttle bus arrive from across.

Which is why I say today is one of those days Life just wanna fuck around with me. Seriously!!!

All I did was to skip 2 lectures… Need you do this, Heaven?

But still, happy with the little junk I bought today :}

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