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Talking to Shakespeare ♥♥♥

Shakespeare conversation

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Sorry if you were misled into thinking the 3 words were “I Love You” or “Please Marry Me”.
I WISH~ But this is enough for me 😀

This is from Plurk. Obviously it’s not the actual Shakespeare risen from the grave and things like that. Probably just a fan, who plurks lines from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

He hardly responds at all to his own plurks and I have never seen him respond on somebody else’s plurk. So when I saw him responding to someone on this particular plurk, I started ranting like a mad fan.

I wanted to say, “I love you like {insert metaphor here}” but I realised that no metaphor was good enough. So.

As for what I said about the bed – Shakespeare wrote in his will that he will leave “the second best bed” for Anne Hathaway his wife. It’s probably some “inside joke” thingy among them, and the “first best bed” probably doesn’t exist either. But still.


Only three words, but that’s enough for me <3 And nevermind the fact that he isn’t the real Shakespeare. I sound like some crazy giggly fan! Perhaps I am no different from those obsessed Beliebers after all ^-^

Imagine if Justin Bieber replied you on Twitter, how would you feel? I know of someone who has been counting the days till Justin Bieber notices/replies/follows her back.

There is a Twitter Trending Topic War today. #JustinBieberSucks has been trending all day and is still trending :O Miraculous. Someone said Twit-Salvation has arrived.

Justin Bieber itself hogs the list of trending topics every single day though.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think he sucks, nor do I hate him. But neither am I a fan of his so I don’t care.


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  • Lol, toking about shakespear, reminded mi about the stupid joke. if this is a spear, wad’s this? (action). Lol. Damn stupid la that joke -.-

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