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I can probably die happy~


Shakespeare's commentSee the second commentttttt 😀

I am referring to THIS POAST HERE where I wished him a Happy Birthday 😀
I know he isn’t real and all, but I still can’t believe he commented.

At first, he plurked THIS but I was disappointed because he didn’t respond to me at all. Then later he plurked THIS so I went crazy again and spammed the poast that I had dedicated to him THREE times -_-

I was so surprised he responded, and even more surprised that he commented on my blog! Crazy happy :DDDD

I was checking my mailbox on my phone at around some mad hour when I saw the notification to approve the comment. Got so excited that I logged into WordPress there and then, just to approve the comment ^-^

Ain’t I silly? He isn’t even the real William Shakespeare. And even the real one is long dead.
But still :}

❤ Wish you were here

★ Dedicated to William Shakespeare ★

William Shakespeare

Happy 446th Birthday!

Happy Birthday

And happy death anniversary too <3

Yes my husband passed away on the same day he was born.
I am the wife that got the first best bed. If you do not understand what I am talking about, please refer to an old poast here.

So now you know why my status on Plurk and wherever else is “Widowed” :}

Best wishes and hope you are well in Heaven.
I love you vair vair tres tres tres much as always! 😀

Think I am quite sensationally crazy sometimes.

I’m lovin’ it! 😀