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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Things I don’t get

1) The Jack Neo Saga

Jack Neo

So this ugly woman pops up from nowhere and discloses, “Oh hey, I had an affair with Jack The Director!” and Scandal! Scandal! Then more weird unknown women start popping out from everywhere and anywhere. Then it’s Scandal! Scandal! all over again.

Honestly. Sounds like a soap opera – people fainting, shouting, reputation tarnished. BORING! I think a lot of you have seen the Jack Neo’s lame “This is all my fault” video right? It’s like, everywhere.

And it happened about the same time as Xiaxue’s ROM solemnization, which means this whole stupid Jack Neo saga hogged the headlines for so many days, and the papers didn’t even mention her wedding (according to her)! Outrageous.

Stop being so stunned and fascinated. Jack Neo is not the first man that cheats on his wife, and neither will he be the last. The whole thing has so much publicity simply because he is a celebrity. Pffft.

It’s like the whole Tiger Woods episode all over again.
Lame! Honestly, can you all get any more boring??

Tiger Woods

And even now there are still people talking about it.
MOVE ON, people. This whole cheating episode is so OLD.

2) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

I don’t even know much about him. People are crazy over him and keep talking about him so I went to do some basic research. He is just 15 years old.

I never really paid much heed to this Beaver guy. Like who is he???
But then I started hearing Baby on like half the blogs I visited. Kept wondering, Why is suddenly everyone playing that song? But you know, the more I heard it, the more I liked it.

And I still didn’t know Baby was sung by Justin Bieber.
In fact, I thought it was sung by a GIRL because he sounds like a GIRL and even my brother agreed.

Until I saw the MV for Baby on a blog.
Only then did I know it was sung by Justin Bieber. And okay admittedly Baby is really nice.

But I still don’t understand why he is so popular. He is trending on Twitter EVERY SINGLE DAY. Someone joked that it will be impossible for him not to trend even for one day because his fans are all obsessed.

Honestly. What is so remarkable and extraordinary about a 15-year old that sings?
Well anw, he doesn’t appeal to me or anything. I like Older Guys.

3) Twilight Saga

Twilight saga

Need I say more?
No, really – need I?
The author herself is just as ridiculous as her characters and storyline.

That’s all for now.
Would love to sit here and list down everything I don’t get, but I have to rush out other things.

Noticed how Facebook isn’t in the list? Because I do get Facebook, the networking and all. I do not say I don’t get it just because I don’t like it. And just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I like Jack Neo’s movies and I like Justin Bieber’s Baby.


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  • Haha, i like this post alot. Super funny, how wouldn’t u noe justin biber. Lol. His songs are nice but he will soon goona become a spoilt brat. Thats the part about being rich. Men will cheat, Boys will be spoilt. Thats y some how i will never want to get rich. I’m contented wif my life now =D

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