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buffy and xander

Xander: Um… You know, Buffy, uh, Spring Fling is a… time for students to gather and… Oh, God! Buffy, I want you to go to the dance with me. You and me, on a date.

Buffy: I-I don’t know what to say.

Xander: Well, you’re not laughing. So that’s a good start. Buffy, I like you. A lot. And I know we’re friends, and we’ve had experiences… We’ve fought some blood-sucking fiends, and that’s all been a good time. But I want more. I wanna dance with you.

Buffy: Xander, you’re one of my best friends. You and Willow…

Xander: Willow’s not looking to date you. If she is, she’s playing it pretty close to the chest.

Buffy: I don’t want to spoil the friendship that we have.

Xander: Well, I don’t want to spoil it either. But that’s not the point, is it? You either feel a thing or you don’t.

Buffy: I don’t. Xander, I’m, I’m sorry. I-I just don’t think of you that way.

Xander: Well, try. I’ll wait.

Buffy: Xander…

Xander: Nah. Forget it. I’m not him.


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