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Worst Christmas ever

  • Woke up feeling ill on Monday (Xmas eve)
  • Was bummed that everyone got half day off except the online newsrooms
  • Got to leave at 5pm and my dad came to fetch me
  • Had the usual family gathering but for once everything was really lame
  • Went to back early because I was feeling so ill
  • Spent the whole of the 25th in bed
  • Wanted to meet the girls but we called it off 🙁
  • On MC on the 26th and 27th
  • My head’s been throbbing like it’s about to burst for 4 days straight
  • Worst headache I ever had in my life seriously
  • Blog got hacked by someone with the alias of ‘BlangadeshCyberArmy’
  • Couldn’t login and they said my account didn’t exist
  • Thank goodness for Robert who restored everything for me
  • Some things on the site still a bit wonky but hope everything will go back to normal soon
  • Anw I just renewed my domain last week for another year 🙂

But really… dullest Christmas ever.
Back to one day of work tomorrow and it’s holidays all the way to Wednesday yay.


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