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So yesterday I had a similiar near death experience which I’ll document here in order to remind myself how dumb I had been. Okay simply put, I slipped and fell down while leaving the bathroom. It was 2am+ but I had the lights on. Right leg got most of the impact and left feet hit the toilet roll holder (it’s a rectangular box fixed on the wall of sorts) till it was slanted. Hurt like a mofo, I tell you. Actually it still hurts even now ffffffuuuu.

Anw, it was the bathroom in my parent’s room so both of them jolted awake and because I didn’t want to get chided for being still up at this hour, I gritted my teeth and cheerily remarked, “I fell down~” and hobbled to bed -_- Then today, my mom told me that I scared the hell out of her with all the commotion. And that my dad went to wake her up after awhile asking her to check on me and see if I neded to go see a doctor LOLOLOL.

I think if someone in their 40s and above had fallen the way I did, they really would have broken something -_- My bro asked me where exactly I had fallen down and I said that my upper half was in the room and my lower half was in the bathroom. So stupid right -_- Meh, it didn’t even hurt as much as when I fell down the stairs at RamenPlay. Hahaha ohwell.

Another reason for my title is because I need to egg myself on where schoolwork is concerned so good luck to me 🙁 The only module that there’s no need to work on is French, which isn’t even an actual module!! I thought it was supposed to be Christmas break!! Pfftt. Don’t care. Been relatively chill this few weeks.

Oh and apparently I have higher hits than that Aussie blogger (she mentioned hers on her blog) who insulted Xiaxue for winning 2 Nuffnang awards so muahahaha!!!! Ok lame. But my blog is officially turning a year old soon!!! 😀 (unofficially it would be 19th when I made my purchase and 22th when I finished designing everything hehehehe) And I hope you guys like the snowflakes on my blog!! 😀

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