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Seriously hating myself because everytime I try to write something, nothing comes up. I don’t even have random thoughts that spur me on to make a quick poast about it on Tumblr nowadays. Nothing at all wtf and I have the hardest time thinking of titles. Omg and I just realised how much overdue entries I have yet to poast!! :<

Why so lazy

All I’ve been doing nowadays is sleeping, going out, Sims Social and… that’s about all. Recently rewatched eps 15-22 of TVD S2 though. Yeah that’s all, nothing else. Wtf I’m seriously a parasite lololol. Everytime I wake up in the afternoon and hate myself for wasting half the day away… when I actually have shitloads waiting to be done but I just keep putting everything off!! Also hate how I’m not updating shit at all and everything’s accumulating but can’t even be bothered anymore.

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