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Right here, right now, all I need

Miss Mystic Falls episode of The Vampire Diaries on Channel 5 right this moment.
One of my favourite episodes. All because of this one particular scene.
It just screams chemistry.

Tumblr meme face

I would love to stay and chat but I need to watch my show.

Also, I finished rewatching Season 1 on DVD today 😀


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One Response to “Right here, right now, all I need”

  1. josi
    7:55 am on August 6th, 2011

    awwwww suuch a coincidence!!! i was just looking for that face and i found this:P and omgomgomg i looove VD!!:D .. im living on vd. i CANT wait for season 3 to start:DD and by what i see youre a delena fan?;)
    plzz answer on my email:)

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