twiinklex ❤

I am impressed!

10 days without blogging.
Yet I still feel very nonchalant.

Absolutely zero motivation to:

  1. Blog
  2. Update Dear Love,
  3. Submit Twitter adverts

Walao… the third one worth so much money also cannot be bothered.
Ironically I have been busy with Tumblr which is worth the least money, compared to the 3 above. Sleeping even more jialat ah -_-

Nevermind. It’s March already so cheque for @DearLove_’s Twitter adverts will be arriving soon ^~^ I forgot to cash out my personal @twiinklex at the end of last month so it will only come in April _l_ !!!!!!!!!

I am very happy now because shit exams are over and I have holidays till April!!!!!!!!!!!
Wakao eh… we are all starting March with somebody’s birthday.

Actually I don’t hate but his fans are very …… except  my Number 2 Twitter crush who is super kawaii!!!

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