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Hooked on Three Brothers (weekdays 7pm @ Channel U) nowadays! I’ve been speed-watching it online because TV is showing too slowly!

Three Brothers korean drama

Omg don’t think I have liked a Korean family drama so much before. Usually I only watch famous productions like Boys Over Flowers or Cruel Temptation. But there’s just something different about Three Brothers 😀

I cannot find a video of the just the opening theme alone so no choice but to put up part of a episode instead. No need watch all, just see the first 45 seconds. A new window will open and it might take awhile to load but anw…

Perfect smile, perfect features, perfect poise!!!!!!
*slits wrist* //dies

But then hor, even though I enjoy watching he and his girlfriend’s (perfect + perfect) parts, they are not my favourite couple in the show and their parts are also not my favourite!

It’s actually the second son and his wife that I like most! They are not hot or anything but OMG I LOVE THEM TO BITS! ^^ They have me rooting for them throughout the show and here’s one of the most gratifying parts that I applauded to!

(If you don’t have time just skip to 3:55 seconds)

*clap clap clap*
Fucking bitch like her deserves that slap that made her fly so far away HAHAHAHA

I will watch and savour every episode on TV, and I can’t wait for all the good parts of this couple 😀

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