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Okay gonna sum up what’s been going on in this poast.
Might be boring but I just wanna record down for future referencing.

Both exam papers were do-able, I guess. Being the regular procrastinator, I studied last minute as usual. Zomg hope I won’t fail. The thought of retaking the module, seeing the faces of Chong and John Ho, doing the same ICAs all over again… Ahhh!

But anw, can’t be more happy that the long-awaited holidays are finally here. Till 18 October somemore, hehehe shiok maxxx please. Like super fast though, now left one more month only. Then back to same olde school shit and before I know it, my birthday! ^^

Speaking of birthdays, finally met up with YouYou on Hari Raya to celebrate hers in advance. So happy to see her and catch up 😀 Went to eat and shop at Plaza Sing.

I forgot to take photos though!!! Except these 2 -_-


rainbowloveee™The ice lemon tea at Pizza hut damn cute. Have to pour in the syrup yourself :O

Then we decided to be mad and went all the way to Causeway Point. Which is convenient for me when going home (Khatib) but not for her (Eunos). But still, it’s a place filled with fond memories for us! Because she used to stay at Woodlands and also, last time everytime after school, we always go there! HAHAHA.

Sigh… wish every friendship I have with people was like this.
Haven’t seen some people in a very very long time. I miss all of you… hope I get to see all of you soon if possible and hope that everyone is doing fine.

House was quite cluttered for awhile because we changed several of the furniture in the living room. Now it’s more spacious than before yay! I found a lot a lot of my childhood toys! 😀

rainbowloveee™I don’t have any recollection of this but apparently it’s a caterpillar which I used to chew on?


rainbowloveee™I remember this!!!
My cabbage doll ♥♥♥


Still got bags and bags of junk here and there though, which we are planning to sell. My mom now has a small stall with my cousin selling all the things we don’t want anymore,  A lot of things are brand new too though. But all super cheap!

Do come and support!!!

Block 624 void deck
Yishun Ring Road

First Sunday of every month
8am – 1pm

This is not my address nor my block, so don’t even think about it ^^

Oh and remember in one of my poasts not long ago I mentioned about trying Starbucks coffee jelly? I got a souvenir too!

rainbowloveee™The cup is actually a badge 😀
Quite cool leh, I think

K that’s all for now, goodbye 😀

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