twiinklex ❤

I should be sleeping…

… But I’m not 😀

Spent hours on Tumblr again. I only planned to browse through but I ended up going back into 70+ tumblelogs and catching up with ALL the posts I’ve missed. About one week’s plus worth?

And every single day I scroll back 10 to 20+ hours worth of tweets and read every single thing. Without fail.

I think I’m mad and addicted to social media.
It’s taking up so much of my timeeeee.

Anw, got super excited when the uberfamous happythings reblogged me and liked my posts! *screams* Didn’t follow me though, but I think it sort of automatically promoted me and a lot of its followers followed me :O

And as I write this, the email notifications of new followers and reblogs are still swimming in yipppeeee. Okay self-high at mad zombie hour again.

Okay just a random poast to chill it off before I go to bed.
By go to bed I mean go lie down there and read or mobile surf, not sleep.


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