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M started today (Suay timing – Why not sooner!!!?).
Orientation on Thursday and Friday till 6pm.
Deadline for Project Post-its on Sunday.
School starts next Monday.

Go figure.


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One Response to “Boooooo”

  1. Amos
    11:31 pm on April 14th, 2010

    Ahyio, haven start sch or orientation so bz liao, start le then where got time to meet liao? Chill out man, dun keep urself so bz until lyk that ma. lols. sry cant help wif ur post its things, no time T_T Stupid orientation, 6DAYS! Wth, Waste my time lor. Especially last week’s orientation, i really should not have sign up, waste my 10dollar. But got shirt so its okay i guess =D

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