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Genius to Idiot

Decided to be adventurous and edit my CSS, because green color is so NOT me, even though it’s a nice color and all. I edited and edited and edited and felt so happy with my progress. I changed the background and colors and everything.

Felt like a genius and was so happy.
Wanted to go save my work, only to realise that if you want to save it, you gotta pay and self-host -_-
Feel like an idiot now.

I wasted precious hours for nothing – that’s the part I’m mad at myself at! Because time is precious and I could have spent those hours doing my Post-its Project! Which honestly speaking, I’ve made zero progress on.

Nuffnang, Blogger, and WordPress are all out to screw me.
FML to the max. For now.


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  1. Amos
    11:26 pm on April 14th, 2010

    Rofl, i olso gif! Dun sad =D Haha, so how’s ur progress? still 0 or got move le?

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