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Top 7 Vampire Diaries soundtracks + POLL!

Have compiled a playlist of my favourite songs used in The Vampire Diaries.

Lyrics in video. Actually I wanted to use scenes from Vampire Diaries but I got sooo excited and I couldn’t make up my mind which to use! Plus, shan’t spoil the story for those who haven’t watched 😛

I just need to say this

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is the best and awesomest TV series to ever exist. No kidding. Usually I can’t make up my mind if I’m asked to choose favourites but when it comes to TV shows, no hesitation is needed. The Vampire Diaries is top top top of my list and beats everything else hands down. Including Gossip Girl and Boys Over Flowers etcetc.

Wasn’t really hooked initially. Watched a few episodes, found something new to obsess over and forgot about it temporarily. Went back to it when I didn’t feel like doing much except nuaing and staring at my laptop screen.




I spent my previous weekend catching up on all the episodes. That’s 20+ episodes in 2 days! Woot woot. So awesomely awesome. Can’t wait till 27th Jan for a new episode to be realeased!!! I hope it has many many seasons and watches me grow up lol 😀

Was so fucking pissed when someone tweeted the biggest spoiler ever. I haven’t watched till that part yet at that time and you practically gave Caroline’s and Tyler’s storylines away. FUCK YOU BIATCH and I don’t care if it’s my fault that I’m slow. Just… fuck you :>

Don’t say nonsense like I can don’t read the tweet because how am I supposed to know what you gonna tweet? When you didn’t even mention “Spoiler Alert” or something? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Even the actors don’t spoil our show when they tweet to each other about TVD.

But I digress.

I love all the cast and the characters and just everything! What I love best about TVD is that it’s SUPER UNPREDICTABLE and you never know what’s gonna happen next. Emotional rollercoaster (which would have been more intense if not for some cheebye kia)~

The Vampire Diaries is the exact opposite of Gossip Girl (which I like too but not as much duh!!) where I can always guess what’s gonna happen next -_- Simply put, TVD IS DA BOMB.

True Blood / Twilight/ Vampire DiariesA lot of comparisons between True Blood, Twilight and Vampire Diaries online.

Based on my biased point of view, obviously the last one is the best!!!!!! Don’t even need go in deep – a superficial comparison screams at you that the TVD cast are the most good-looking :> And unsuperficially-wise… I can’t even think of a adjective that will do TVD justice.

Twilight saga, you needa fuck off with your fugly Robert Pattinson, Kristen Steward and Taylor Lautner! Geez I feel like Twilight and Kristen Steward ruined the name “Bella” for me {;_;}

Even on Tumblr, people are always mocking Twilight and spazzing The Vampire Diaries! Like how for 20 different moods/emotions, Steward only displays her one sotned expression.

And Twitter! Have you even seen @Lord_Voldemort7 diss or make fun of TVD before? It’s always stupid Twilight right? HAHAHA 😀

Oh and in TVD itself… they make fun of Twilight too 😉

I love Damon who appears dangerous and full or rage but is really just a wounded little boy. His lines are all so funny and witty omg. I can finally understand why everyone adores him so much!!!

The Salvatore brothers make such a great pair… I love all the characters even the supporting roles and some of the villians. Love love love everything about TVD. Except for one thing – how they are making me die of anticipation for 27th Jan!

The Vampire Diaries trioBEST TRIO (L)

I’m not big on Harry Potter with the actual Best Trio so it shall be TVD then! 😀

Ahhh I mean this to be a very short poast with only one paragraph but I ended up raving in Spazz Mode again. Well at least it’s coherent this time round hehehe 😀

Anw I didn’t spazz about Ryan at all during the weekend being occupied with spamming TVD episodes. Very clear which one I love more!!!

The Vampire Diaries best trio gifAll 3 so cute and hot omg cannot.stop.staring.