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Hoping for the best, expecting the worst

Hello hello. Got back our results for the semester 2 days back and thought for quite long whether to post it up here. I shall try my hand at something new – Expectations & Reality! Those on Tumblr would get what I mean o(^▽^)o



F for Finance and Com Tech because I have no interest in these 2 modules AT ALL and I have been shitting my way through. Heck, I didn’t even study for Finance exam because I gave up already.

A hypen means I don’t have any expectations, not even the worst case scenarios because I never even bothered to think about it. Those 2 are GSMs actually… and I hardly ever attend the classes so I don’t know what’s going on.

Blank = don’t know.

The only module I had any hopes at all for was PMM because I studied quite hard for the exam (for my standard) and I already scored a distinction for the test. I wanted an A at least or maybe even a distinction though the group work probably pulled me down zzzz.

Anyway I thought out of all 4 exam papers –

  • PMM was the most direct and heavy on theory
  • PSM crushed me because I found it so hard {;_;}
  • MBSM tested all the boring shit I purposely chose not to study
  • Don’t even talk about MFM

So I woke up at 11am+ to check my results online and…



Upon first glance

Semester grades

Then I looked closely at ‘Media Financial Management’

Is this real life Tumblr meme

Remembered Chanchan and looked at Com Tech

Tears of joy Tumblr meme

Saw the A and distinction

Is this fantasy Tumblr meme

I swear this was exactly how I felt. Especially the wonder towards Finance. I got 15/30 for the test which is like a D? -_- After the exam, Dian & I were comparing answers and every time we got the same answer, we squealed. Hehehe.

As for Com Tech, I think the last ICA on web design saved me. We didn’t even do HTML coding. At least I picked up something in all my years of blogging. I’m totally inept at Photoshop and I’ve never even heard of InDesign so those 2 ICAs were disasters.

One question in MBSN asked, “What is narrowcasting?” and I answered, “Opposite of broadcasting.” I should get brownie points for my cheekiness or for at least trying lololol.

I know my results are not brilliant but to me it’s quite okay already~ especially considering the (little) time and effort I put in. I posted my results here just for the sake of entertainment lololol. Hope you all enjoyed it! 🙂

Lastly, I share with you all one more meme.

Hug computer meme

Today my mom said she likes guys with a stubble so I showed her Ian Somerhalder’s pictures. Then I literally did this to my laptop.

Not long ago I dreamt of Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!

I was being mad clingy and noisy and everything (nothing new there). Then suddenly this unknown bitch from nowhere and trapped me in a cage and I yelled like mad. I also remember pandas, which isn’t surprising at all considering how eco-friendly Ian is.

I don’t think Ian liked me very much though {;_;}
Did he leave with the bitch? Can’t remember!

Based on the theory that dreams = opposite of reality, that means I WILL NEVER GET TO MEET IAN SOMERHALDER *cries my heart out* BUT HE LIKES ME which makes sense because he loves his fans and says we are the best.

This turned out wordier than expected so byebye before I go into Spazzing Mode.

Interview with the shark expert

…. I nearly wrote ‘vampire’ instead of ‘shark expert’.
Undoubtedly I’d explode before I even get to speak if Damon Salvatore was sitting in front of me.

Broadcast Presentation ICA4 was a live interview with some weird identity our lecturers posed as. They are supposed to do/say all sorts of crazy things and make it hard for us. I got Ms Soo acting as a shark expert. 2 people before me left the room in tears. My nerves were fried.

Okay it was on Thursday afternoon so I can’t remember exactly how it went.

  • Went in, introduction, and asked my first question
    “Huh? Can repeat what you said? I can’t hear well after the shark accident in which I lost an ear.”

Tumblr meme face

  • Repeated my question
    “Sorry can you speak up and sit closer please?”

Tumblr meme face

  • Sat closer and asked about her accident instead
    *rambles* “It’s okay, they are just sharks. I still love them.”

Tumblr meme - LOL U MAD

  • Replied that I was sorry to *hear* about her accident w/o realising what I’d said
    “Oh was that meant to be a pun?”

Tumblr meme - bitch face

  • Asked about her plans on shark conservation
    *gives vague, offhand answer about how Singaporeans are the worst kind of people*

Tumblr meme - I ain't even mad

  • Asked her why, she talked about shark fin consumption and asked if I ate shark fin
    Lied and said used to, but not anymore

Tumblr meme - blank face

  • Asked her what she plans to do to improve situation
    “Oh, I plan to do something graphic!”

Tumblr meme - twisted look

  • Delves into a long description of shark body parts
  • Didn’t dare cut her off for fear of being rude

Tumblr meme - bored face

  • As a result, I exceed my 5-minute time limit and overran by a lot

Tumblr meme - teary face

It was kinda fun yet scary, but I’m glad everything is over. At least she answered instead of not talking at all, which I feel is a thousand times worse.

Earlier in the day we also had Storyboarding ICA4 presentations. We had to make  2-minute music video for an assigned song. Personally I liked the MVs for Back To December and Billionaire best. One was sooo sad that I teared and the other was epic funny.

Honestly I think my classmates’ concepts and MVs are better than the actual ones, for these 2 songs. HAHA. Back To December is stuck in my head! I love Taylor Swift’s songs. ♡