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Watched The Watch (lol) with Gerry and Lerms last Wednesday. Had Subway before and dessert after 🙂 I sat and broke a chair… #fattypains The movie was rubbish. Sigh, it’s already September and all the 2012 films I’ve watched mostly suck T_T !!!

Went to Ikea for dinner with Dian and Lerms the next day. Ok now I finally know how to get there via public transport. Everything was pretty average but meatballs were awesome 😀 Soft serve was good but tasted tasting metallic and chemical-like halfway through for whatever reason…

Went to JCube and Jurong Point the next day with You You. JCube was really small and boring and expensive, I’d rather go to heartland malls. Didn’t buy very much that day… can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing LOL