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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Stranger in a strange place

Hello 😀
First poast here, still kind of alien in WordPress.
Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon and even grow to love it more.

I love Blogger. I really do. But it left with no choice except to move. It was hard deciding whether to stay or migrate actually. But I couldn’t drag it any more longer so after much consideration, I made the major decision to move!

As you can see, it’s plain here. WordPress doesn’t support widgets 🙁 One of the reasons behind my hesitation to move out of Blogger. I cannot put my tagboard for you all to comment, nor can I put my beloved microblogging widgets. I cannot even earn money from Nuffnang now. So sad okay.

But I still decided to live without widgets and move to WordPress. That’s because those stuff are all superficial. I still think content is most important. I wanna just blog and blog and blog. And content is now a problem due to Blogger’s new auto pagination.

I don’t mind being widget-less as long as I can blog blog blog. I’m not going care about stuff like blog stats, comments and all those superficial stuff anymore. I just wanna blog. You can still comment here via the classic way, instead of tagboards.

I’m gonna leave behind my old site on Blogger and let it remain as it is. All the widgets and old poasts shall remain there, I’m not gonna import them to WordPress. I’m gonna start anew 🙂

You can still go to my old site and tag or leave comments, I will still reply on there.
You can still go read my plurks and tweets on there.
Nothing will change except there won’t be new poasts anymore 😀

It’s up to you whether you wanna relink, I don’t mind. Like I said, just wanna blog and ignore all the other stuff (: Hence, I won’t be linking anyone here except for sites I own. Links of other people shall remain in my old site.

I recommend going to my Plurk page and Twitter page directly if you wanna be updated though. The widgets on my old site only display the TEN latest plurks/tweets. And I tweet A LOT in one day because I use Twitter to rant, while Plurk is more for talking to people 😀

Okay gonna go tie up loose ends on my old site and announce my migration now. I hope all my family, friends, followers and fans from everywhere, who’ve been supporting my old site are reading this poast and still supporting me.

Hahaha catch you all later xoxo! 😀