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What’s a title?

Lost in the moment

Another late poast, teehee 😀
Rahrahrah it ish vair taxing to keep having to go a few weeks back mentally and try recall the details! But I’ll try my best ^-^ Anw, some photos!

18th March!

Went to Escape with Zikry, Danial and Amos!
I hath free tickets!!! Only 4 though, but just nice anw 😀

Supposed to meet at 1oam but I woke up only at 9am++. I think I’d have continued being dead to the world had it not been for an incoming phone call. The vibration woke me up. LUCKY!

I chiong like crazy and was late (as usual -_-) for ten minutes. All of them were already there and they said they reached at 9.30am???! Omg O_O

I bluffed them that the tickets expired already (show them the date of issue on the front – big, black and bold) and they believed me ;D but the actual expiry date is in very small font at the back lah. They were like, “scare me sia!!” hahaha.

Decided to eat at Pastamania first and we waited like 4o minutes outside for the student discount(30%) to start, messing around with the skateboard Amos brought. At 12noon we went in and the person told us THERE IS NO STUDENT DISCOUNT FOR THE WEEK BECAUSE IT IS SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.

LOL #%^(*$#?!
Wasted 40 minutes for nothing!

We ordered a lot!
All of us had pasta except Zikry (he had garlic bread and potata waffle which we kept nicking LOL) plus drinks. I had seafood marina  plus mocha freeze (coffee + chocolate + milk + whipped cream = HEAVEN ♥ !) which is like an amazing combinationnnn ♥♥♥ Very nice. AND FATTENING xD

THEN hor, four of us shared an apple crumble AND a hawaiiian pizza (the biggest one) .___.

rainbowloveee™ - Hawaiian pizza
15-inch Hawaiian pizza 😀

rainbowloveee™ - hawaiian pizza

rainbowloveee™ - hawaiian pizza
Yummm looks good 😀

Okay supposed to be 2 slices each but I was so full and I forgot who I gave my extra slice to. I picked out some of the pineapples as well and put them on Amos’s plate, and then later I asked him, “Why you take out all your pineapple? I thought you got eat? *points to plate*” Okay fail -_-

rainbowloveee™ - apple crumble
Apple crumble! One of Pastamania’s best specialties ♥
rainbowloveee™ - apple crumble
I love this ^-^
rainbowloveee™ - apple crumble
Oooh look at all the sugary thingy 😀

Yummy yummy. I ate so much T_T so full!
But vair niceeee 😀

Went to Escape and the guys went to queue for the Go-Kart while I watched. Noooo still got phobia T_T oh well. Try spotting them? Actually not very clear.

rainbowloveee™ - gokart
Can you spot them?

rainbowloveee™ - gokart

rainbowloveee™ - gokart

rainbowloveee™ - gokart

The only (barely) close-up that I managed to take, because my phone gallery lags (too many files -_-) which causes the camera to lag as well T_T for example:

rainbowloveee™ - gokart
… the result will become like this

rainbowloveee™ - gokart rainbowloveee™ - gokart

While waiting…

rainbowloveee™ - Narcissist
rainbowloveee™ - Narcissist

Zikry insisted on sitting Viking after that !$~#^?!@ even though our lunch haven’t digested yet!
All four of us sat second row from the middle but I still found it !$~#^?!@ rawr. Did the same thing as I did last time (if you don’t understand reaaaalllyyyyy wanna know, go to my old blog dig archives -_-) lol, if you get what I mean ^^

Wheeee. Then went Haunted House and they all very mean, make me stand behindddd. Zikry was the worst, I was clinging onto his bag but later he ran off himself and left me behind -_- Lucky I’m a horror movie fanatic and won’t freak out >:( MEANIE!!!

And the moment we exited the Haunted House, IT RAINED!
Haven’t even gone on all the rides! 🙁 Bad timing.

Ran for shelter but we were still drenched like… ugh.
Decided to go play pool as an alternative though, which was just as nice 😀

rainbowloveee™ - drenched

Ohno I look awful.
Compare to the above pics -___-

rainbowloveee™ - hat
Danial bought this new hat
rainbowloveee™ - hats
Both hats belong to him
rainbowloveee™ - hats
This looks so much cooler 😀
rainbowloveee™ - playing pool
Only picture of pool that I took, too busy playing 😀

Zikry didn’t play. He watched awhile then went to join his family chalet, that lucky ass!
But at around 5pm we returned to Escape and waited for the rides to dry, played awhile then left.

Oh by the way – can you believe that The Inverter, The Rainbow and the spaceship thingy has all been torn down??? WTF! Escape is almost an empty shell now, what a waste of money. Luckily the tickets were free.

Got traffic jam on the way back!! -_-
And the bus was crowded as hell the whole time.

Okay finally reaching the end of this poast!
Almost went nuts while blogging this entry okay!!! Stupid autoformatting, can you stop acting smart?

Let you all see my face first then end;

rainbowloveee™ - narcissist
Hair a bit wild after all the rain
rainbowloveee™ - narcissist
Very zilian siah ._. {all these is in the lift, about to reach home}
rainbowloveee™ - narcissist
Hehehehe 😀

xoxoxoxoxoxo ♥

Reasons why today is fab ♥

Rainbows & Butterflies

Today was tiring but nice :}
Went out with my mom to cut my hair and maintain my specs at Chong Pang, then went to Northpoint to replace my lost key, make my tertiary student ez-link card and had lunch at KFC together. Love love loveeeees ♥~

Notice how almost everything we did starts with “my…”? Ooops hehehehe. Plus she paid for everything – the key, the card, and the haircut. Only lunch was my treat 😀 So glad that I have such a nice mother.

Reason #1
I read a novel from the first page to the last page for 3 hours continuously, lying down on my bed, from 1am to 4pm. I know it isn’t good for the eyes but I got so engrossed. Reminds me of the good old days during Sec 2 when I used to do this a lot hehehe 😀

Plus the story was so beautifully written! Picked up several nice quotes and as you all know,

Reason #2
I thought I’d need to get up early, but my mom let me sleep till noon!
Happy shiok maximum.

Reason #3
The guy at the optical shop didn’t charge us a single cent!

Reason #4
I can’t believe I actually cut my hair because I loved it so much. It’s another one of the things I’m proud of. BUT I totally love my new hairstyle! 😀 well.. refreshing change from my thick mane of hair. Hah. Shall post pictures another time, maybe 🙂

Reason #5
‘Making’ of the tertiary card and lost key were both very simple processes that took less than 5 minutes.

Reason #6
The KFC guy serving me at the counter was very nice. Fulfilled my every request, didn’t forget any part of my complicated order etc etc. Good service always make consumers happy (:

I have KFC coupons 😀 love the coupons, helped to save a lot of money! ^^ Plus KFC rocks for being so flexible. Even though you used coupons, they still let you takeaway or change anything you want, unlike some other places where everything is a set and fixed.

Reason #7
It rained only when we reached home. Lucky or what! Plus it was quite heavy. Shiok manszx, I love being indoors and enjoying the cold 😀

Reason #8
I’ve joined Twitter for only a month, but I’ve already got 150+ followers, way more than most people who joined earlier. I’m following only 44 people so far.  Oh, pride and joy!!! Accomplishments like these make me so happy 😀

Reason #9
Tried to find my favourite authors on Twitter and follow them. Found some 😀 so now the only ‘celebrities’ I’m actually following are these authors and Xiaxue.

Reason #10
Tweeted something along the lines of “Hi I love you and all your books” to these authors I followed. Some of these authors replied and/or followed me back including MEG CABOT whom I love so much!!!! *screams in excitement*

Okay I think that’s about all for now ^^