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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Me in memes

Because Twitter (not X, never X) is like my therapy.
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Also read somewhere many months back that ‘them coming back is not a badge of honour, it is your lack of firm boundaries’ and I have never stopped thinking about it the entire year even though it’s not the easiest to apply and I stumbled so many times.

I felt this sooo much, you have no idea. It was just fucking baffling and unfathomable and ridiculous even to myself. Ok I mean I can think of a few reasons because one thing about me is that I’m pretty self-aware, but still…. like ewwww.

It’s the middle that’s so goddamn hard.

block and unblock

Story of my life lol???

Each time I just saw it as a lesson I had to keep learning and learning all over again and now here we are.

I guess I always did know better, and I’m not making excuses but it’s never really that straightforward either, especially when there’s so much history.

But it also felt like the same thing over and over again every single time, the same impasse and going in circles, the same feeling hopeful and thinking maybe this time is gonna be different, only to end up hurt and disappointed again, and realising nothing’s ever going to change.

I never blamed anyone but I was very much aware that I was the one allowing all of it. And I felt equally toxic with all my yo-yoing. As mentioned, some lessons have to be learnt and learnt until they sink in.

Trust me, it never got easier and hurt like hell all four times :))))

Definitely not what I wanted… I love instant gratification lmaooo. But I decided to put my own well-being before my desires and I know future me will thank me for it.

I guess it’s also the realisation that there was no consideration for me at all. I wanted to work out something but all I got was a selfish answer wanting the best of both worlds.

In a way, writing this and admitting my hurt feelings is progress 🤪

I’m actually fine. Happy even. There’s so much good to be thankful for. But I didn’t want to leave this sitting in my drafts and a lot of these tweets are such good reminders. I still have so much I wanna post, like my highlights from the past 2 months (no I didn’t forget!)…

Till next time.

Halfway out the door, but it won’t close

100% same because WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN???? That we would talk??? And then? AND THEN?????

At least Katrina has more self-restraint. Unlike this on-off quadrilogy, which is just the same story over and over again even after six years but the connection has never ever really been severed completely and for good.

“I think deep down you left that avenue open because you wanted to see what he would say.”

🤷‍♀️ but eventually that avenue will close too. After all, no one will be around forever.

Full context: Brian is unavailable af but wants the best of both worlds. Katrina knows she is too pretty and smart and capable for this nonsense but everyone has a weak spot.