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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Random convos with my mother

Me: Do you realise that nowadays the vegetable dishes you cook always finish very fast and there are no leftovers?

Mum: Yes cos you eat a lot.

Improving my diet and nutrition, trying to eat better and healing my relationship with food has been one of the best decisions ever and life-changing. I actually feel such a huge difference. Still a work in progress of course but it’s a huge step from starving myself so it means a lot to me.

Mum: You want your Starbucks?

Me: Nope. Now I make my own coffee, my whole carton of milk only $5. Here one cup of coffee $7.

Mum: Now then you know huh! Now then you know.

I was chasing membership points previously, plus I used to have more time to idle the whole afternoon away with a book at Starbucks. Then I decided to cut down to save money for my Greece trip and at the same time, I started making my own coffee as part of my goal towards mindful eating. Somehow I just completely kicked my Starbucks habit and I don’t crave it anymore. I also really prefer preparing my own food now and I like getting to choose the exact kind of milk I want to use in my coffee. Win win!

Me: We ordered a dish to share and got three pieces of meat, so one each right? Then I don’t want to eat so much so I said he can have the second piece also. Then I was eating my piece halfway but he went to eat it too.

Mum: Wa, this kind (of guy) cannot.

My piece was also already the smallest (leftmost):

beef liver naxos

Not that I care for the food and I can save on calories but it’s just so thoughtless and inconsiderate… Not the first time this person has done this either. Anyway it’s a funny story to retell and another friend of mine said it’s super rude and lacking in basic table manners 🤷‍♀️

Me: Nowadays a lot of people messaging me on Instagram.

Mum: People you know or don’t know?

Me: Don’t know. But I never reply anyone cos my mother told me not to talk to strangers.

Mum: Block all! Instagram is unsafe!


Favourite person forever!

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