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Empty as my stomach

May 08, 2018 / 12:13AM

Feeling so empty and dull right now… I don’t even have the words today. Took me ages just to start typing this which is rather terrible for someone who writes for a living.

I guess the thing about seeking cheap thrills and quick fixes is that they wear off just as swiftly. Looking outwards to fill the void also means you go back to square one when those factors e.g. alcohol and toxic people aren’t around.

Actually the most toxic person is me myself I.

By the way, I am very hungry now as well because all I had to eat today was a sandwich and half a hotdog bun and two cups of iced teh c kosong that my boss bought me. At my desk. Whatever happened to proper meals?

How come I’m so self-aware of my issues but so bad at fixing them?

And who’s still reading my rubbish thoughts?

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