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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


I’m really fine with people reading things I put up online, but why do they see a need to discuss it or bring it up in real-life conversations, whether with me or other people? Yes there’s nothing wrong with wanting to talk about it… except when it brings me more trouble and adds on to my misery.

I’m just talking about how I feel, I’m not attacking or hurt anyone so I don’t know what’s the big deal. Don’t say it’s concern because if I wanted your concern, you would know it. Don’t know why some people think they can help. You can’t.

Apparently doing reasonably well at work and other general aspects of life despite struggling with how I feel on the inside all the time is not good enough for people.

Blogging actually helps me feel better so thanks for taking this outlet away. It seems like I am not allowed to say I am upset even on my own blog. People are actually more focused on my drinking than my depression…

Maybe I’ll only post happy shit (whether fake or not) and ads here from now on to save myself more grief. Just like what all of us do on Facebook and Instagram. Better? Wonder how long it will take before this post gets snitched on lol????

Leave me and my pain alone…

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