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I know this face

the strain quote

“You always say that. And I know you mean it… but it’s never true.”
– The Strain, 1×02

This is the face of someone who genuinely wants to believe that everything will be fine and that it will all work out in the end. The face of someone who doesn’t dare to hope or have any more expectations because time and time again, he ends up disappointed. The face of someone who really wishes he could trust you once more, but knowing that you are just going to fuck up and hurt him again. The face of someone who will still be quick to forgive you regardless of what you do because it’s impossible to stay mad at you. And because the alternative of not talking to you hurts more than anything else. The face of someone who still secretly believes that things will change for the better because any other thought is too painful to bear. The face of someone whom you take for granted because you know he will always be here to put up with your shit. The face of someone left wondering if he said or did anything to deserve such emotional abuse from you. The face of someone who would rather continue to listen your empty promises than argue with you. The face of someone who would rather suffer in silence than to lose you. Even though maybe he already has.

Yeah, I know that face.

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