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Shopping with Zalora

I actually shop online more than I visit the malls now. It’s so convenient getting everything delivered to your doorstep. You can spend ages browsing the online stores 24/7 without pesky shopkeepers giving you A Look. There’s so much variety, all accessible with just a click. The reasons are endless.

And I really shop…. a lot.

 photo 20140710_165453.jpg

These just some of the stuff I bought online and not yet opened so I store them in a box for protection. It’s not that I won’t wear them, just not now as I have zero space in my wardrobes despite hanging multiple items on one hanger blah blah typical girl. But I will not deprive myself from shopping.

 photo 20140710_164907.jpg
I know some people find shopping online more expensive (due to postage and shipping) / risky (due to scams and merchants that go MIA) / unreliable (items you receive might not fit or be the same as in pictures) and so on. But that’s probably because you are not shopping at the right places!!

So let me introduce to you one of my favourite shopping sites ever…



Headquartered in Singapore, Zalora is the one-stop fashion heaven for all all those who love to shop and dress up! Founded in 2012, they offer an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands. This means that you can find labels such as Mango, Steve Madden etc all UNDER ONE ROOF!!

 photo za1.jpg
User-friendly website that allows shoppers to browse items via brands, categories, price and more.
I’ve been on several shopping sprees with Zalora before and here are some of my buys!

 photo photo7-1.jpg

There was once they had a sale going on for all B.U.M Equipment shoes.
Got these at a super good bargain for only $9.90 per pair!

 photo photo2.jpg

 photo photo1.jpg

So comfortable and flattering

 photo photo6.jpg

Love at my first sight  for this particular pair!
Everyone knows how I’m crazy over silver metallic apparel, shoes and bags. Not only are they easy to put on, they don’t rub against my feet or give me blisters either.

 photo photo5-1.jpg

So much shine.

 photo photo-1.jpg
My mum also bought this necklace and earring set made from SWAROVSKI crystals.

So far, all my shopping experiences with Zalora have been nothing but pleasant.
Here are some things I love about them:

– Super fast and reliable delivery

This is the only site I’ve shopped with whereby I receive my purchases the very next day, even though you are given a range of 1 to 3 days. Super impressive! Their employee also sends your items right to your doorstep to make sure you have received them.

Not long ago, my colleague Sarah didn’t have time to get a dress for her hen’s night and decided to shop online with just a couple of days left. She saw this dress that caught her eye on Zalora and asked me about their services and speed. I told to go ahead and she ended up with this beautiful dress:

 photo za4.jpg

– The actual items are exact and true to pictures online

I think it’s a common fear among shoppers that what you buy might not be what you get. But you never have to worry about that with Zalora.

So far, my purchases have always come in the exact shade / sizing / description as promised. When I first opened the box and saw my silver pair of shoes (pictured above), it took my breath away because they were GLORIOUS. Just look at the shine!! Metallic shade was what I’d wanted and metallic shade I got.

They were a perfect fit too. You can always trust Zalora’s size guide. And they will always tell you on the description if you need to get one size bigger/smaller due to the item’s design so shop free!

– 30-day free return policy

Actually, you don’t even have to worry about not liking the item you bought because of this policy! You can simply ship your parcel back to them (which you don’t even have to pay for) and get a refund as long as you meet basic criteria such as unused, tags intact, etc.

– Reasonable prices and fantastic bargains

Which other sites can you still find shoes and clothes of good quality for under $10? Not many. Zalora also offers great discounts to celebrate special occasions, weekends, seasons and more, leading to stocks running out fast!

 photo za5.jpg

One good way to stay up-to-date with all their awesome sales and get discount codes would be to sign up for their newsletter! Shopping has never been this rewarding.

Other awesome stuff:

– You can choose to pay after checking out your cart or upon delivery of your items
– Free delivery with $40 purchase (most sites set it much higher)
– Fast response from staff when you email or facebook them

Do you know that Zalora is also on your favourite social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr? They also have a blog to connect with readers and fashionistas!

I particularly love their array of posts on Tumblr!! From nature and animals to style and fashion. Been liking and reblogging some of their posts myself 😉

Check them out here!!!


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