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Fudge the haze

hello kitty fairy tale plushies

I know the PSI level is at an epic high of 290 but McDonald’s is releasing a new plushie (The Ugly Duckling) on the 20th and I think I’m gonna go get it later LOL. Though I’m not sure whether it really starts at midnight?! Come to think of it, everyone will be indoors thanks to the haze which means less people fighting with me! Hahaha.

Actually I haven’t been really affected by the haze and I’m still quite apathetic about it, as with all current events. No cough, flu, irritation or anything. The only thing I find annoying is the crazy heat which I already cannot tolerate on a regular day. Melting everyday.

Actually I’ve never been part of the Hello Kitty craze but this collection is so freaking unique and adorable… though  I already missed most of them. Anyway, wasn’t really bothered until one day my editor said, “You like cute things right. Can you do this story?” and the rest is history.

Oh god I really want the black skeleton plushie (Singing Bone)! Limited edition some more. I swear they are doing it on purpose to tempt me because it’s ✔ Black ✔ Pink ✔ Ribbon like how am I supposed to resist?!
Arghhhhh want it. Need it. Must. Have. It.

Having quite a bleurgh week 🙁

hello kitty collection mcdonalds

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