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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Things I realised from my Twitter archive

  • Was angsty as fuck from 2010 to mid 2011
  • And depressed as fuck from mid to 2011 to ???
  • I swore like a sailor and tweeted excessively
  • I whined, bitched and complained about school and homework 99% of the time
  • I actually liked people and tweeted to them on Twitter
  • Forever talking about skipping class with Juju
  • Who didn’t discourage me from doing so which I like very much
  • Except that half the time I don’t go through with it because I was worried about attendance/grades
  • The girls and I killed time in class by hacking each other’s Twitter accounts
  • Wow remember our slacker reputations?
  • Forever sleeping + waking at odd hours and tweeting excessively about it
  • Remember when I was obsessed with Ryan Higa and Jeremy Renner…. Yeah me neither
  • I was really batshit insane over TVD to the point of idek… That I remember vividly
  • Even the cast’s tweets are super boring nowadays
  • I used to tweet how I felt about every single book and movie after I was done with them
  • Haven’t blogged about my birthday celebrations for 2010, 2011 and 2012 lol
  • But at least I sound more emotionally stable every year
  • Though I’m not exactly sure I like my current self (I don’t)
  • Was an irritating person, still am

Actually miss sharing my thoughts on books and movies on Twitter. Maybe I’ll start again but I stopped because firstly, lazy and secondly, I didn’t want to come across as some smartass.

I think the problem is I became increasingly self-conscious even now. I rarely even tweet/blog often anymore and when I do, it’s all very generic, non-offensive stuff. In other words, BORING. Self esteem never really recovered to be honest even though I rarely rage or feel as depressed as I used to anymore. The most negative I feel nowadays usually stems from boredom/loneliness because I always feel like I have nobody talk to which is a very irrational thought but anyway.

Planning to review all the films made in 2012 that I’ve watched in a few parts! I’ve photoshopped all the pictures, now I just need to stop being lazy and write. Also I wanna announce something (can anyone guess?) but it’s not time yet hahaha.

Right now I’m trying to find a copy of Warm Bodies because my ebook version as well as every other copy i can find online is incomplete 🙁 I finished reading it only to realise that there are a few chapters missing after reading the plot on Wiki. Went to Kino but was told that it’s out of stock T_T

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