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Oh no you didn’t

Secondary school students visited the media hub today. One of them was quite asdfgkljkzzzz because of a lot of the things she said, but nevermind. Shall just mention one ughzzzz thing.

Me: *browsing some blog with a Damon video on it*
Me: Nooo he’s mineeeeeeeeeeeee
Student: Ours.

I didn’t bother responding but in my heart I was like

Damon funny

*YOU DID NOT* in Tilda Swinton’s (aka the mother in We Need to Talk About Kevin) tone. She doesn’t even ship Delena and she said she found Stefan stupid -.- Plus I’m not that close with you to wanna share ok!! Qiya said she saw my face change despite my silence though hahaha.

The whole class knows that I’m married to Iansome, please!!
Some of you have even seen our son before, right 😀

Then she complained about how WordPress sucks because they keep spamming her spam mail. Firstly, I never had such a problem. Secondly, nobody told you to use WordPress. Thirdly, you can always block them. This was before the Damon thing and I tried to retort then realised I couldn’t be bothered.

Found this reaction gif on Tumblr and I’ve loved it since.

Haha oh well, still in a very good mood though! TEP’s tiring but has its perks too.
Shall update more another time 🙂 Feeling so lazy!! Oh and I actually did my GSM homework for tomorrow.

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