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Constant of 4

28 October 2011
{Huhuhu now I have to put the year also!}

Dian’s birthday 😀 😀 😀
Actually at first we were all quite sad because classes were supposed to end at 6pm, a lot later than usual. And got stupid Bizlaw test also!!! One reason why we didn’t get to go out during the weekend to celebrate 🙁 but then halfway through lunch we were informed that class for the rest of the day was cancelled so woohoo! Though it was pouring like mad.

Booo so anw all we did was go to AMK Hub and walk around. ‘Cos we already ate in school and the theatre was crazy ass crowded. One of those days where you just can’t win. Waaaaaah and it’s all school’s fault idc. But it’s okay because the company is ace 😀

Dian’s eyes are closed in the second pic hahahahaha don’t hate me bb

As always, the group photos are the best and my favourite ❤

Happy belated birthday, my fellow Delena shipper and TVD fangirl!
It’s so fun discussing the show and squealing with you everytime 😀
Also, if I had to choose one person who supports my work (be it gifs, blog entries etc) the most, it would be her /tears of joy {;_;} super touched ok

❤❤ xoxoxo ❤❤

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