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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

The Great Depression

Spent 5 days working on this newspaper assignment, from research to writing to design etc >:( can’t remember the last time I invested so much time and effort into schoolwork. Hope it’s worth it! Dian and I actually like our end result a lot *beaming with pride* which is really rare especially in my case… For once I didn’t say anything like, “No I do until like shit” LOL

We did on 10 different teen social issues (all rather sensitive e.g. suicide, cutting, etc, hence the title) and I uhm, happen to be one of those teens with issues. So doing research itself was informative. Then writing itself has always been therapeutic for me. Writing about these issues? Motivating. I can’t really explain it but feels as if I’m writing for myself, not just the paper. It was all pretty encouraging.

Best thing was the sense of accomplishment upon finishing everything, rather than just the usual pure relief. Challenging, tedious, but I did it! I conquered inDesign! Thus leading to me feel in control, less neurotic and of course less whiny 🙂 It’s just an assignment but it really improved my mental stability… not even joking here.

Having an awesome partner (Dian) helped of course 😀
We work similarly and complement each other very well, even our speed. OCD enough to want everything to be ideal but not unbearably uptight. Didn’t even mind going back to school on a Saturday from noon to 5ish because it was her! Productive day 🙂

– Us working on the headings, her looking like she wants to say something –

Me: Does the one single word on its own in that line bother you?
Her: Yes.
Me: Me too.

Lol I love her 😀
Happy Birthday, Dian!!!!! ❤❤❤

Business Law test laterz.
Can barely retain what I’ve read and I don’t actually understand what I’ve read either.
Oh god I hope it will be easy :'(


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