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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

So long, holidays

More than 2 months passed by just like that. I have not done anything productive-productive that is on my mental to-do list but leisure-wise, it’s a different story altogether 😀 didn’t work at all, haven’t packed any of my things, organised my Tumblr and blog tags etc, but nevermind. Didn’t blog as much as I’d hoped to either 🙁 Still, no regrets 😀 a lot of things made up for all of these but I shan’t go into that.

Anw, a new semester awaits! A bit bored from the extremely lengthy holiday already so it’s just nice. Timetable isn’t so bad but Tuesdays’ classes are from 6pm-10pm. Lecturers are all the sarcastic pricks which makes it hard to chatter on in class. Actually school isn’t so bad, it’s the people. Or more precisely my classmates. I don’t get them and I don’t want to get them. For example, why act like you are BFFs when EVERYBODY knows about the stuff you say behind each other’s backs??? WHY.

There is a 3 hour break tomorrow……
Woohoo looking forward to endless chatter with the girls while nomming on our favourite foods lol 😀 I can see chicken rice, ban mian, tako balls, iced tea and green milk tea already hohoho.

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