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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Life is a test

When my blog crashes

When I see a dumb Facebook status update and try to hold my sarcasm back

When Twitter is overcapacity

When Tumblr tells me “we’ll be back shortly” but shortly is really longly

When SingTel and Nanyang Polytechnic are being fucking assholes

When my browser and phone lags or hangs

When I read blogs/tweets and make sure my mental grammar correction doesn’t become verbal

When I have to wait donkey years for new episodes of a show I follow

When I have to take public transport with smelly or loud people

When my friends get to do group work together and I am jelly

When I keep getting grouped with people who have a “reputation”

When I studied all the theory for a test but the questions are only answerable if you paid attention in class

When all I wanna do is sleep but I have to go to school

When I’m having a perfectly good day and something happens to ruin it all

When I try to be happy except that it never stays that way for long

When life doesn’t go the way I want it to

Ahhh so sick of the same shit over and over again at times.
But I shall be patient. Can’t have the rainbow without a little rain.

Okay just for laughs. I don’t believe in a god but I believe in a… higher power. Kinda got over all of the aforementioned things already, nearly all of which is related to school -_- no surprise there.
There’s a part 2 which I will publish tomorrow!! 🙂

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