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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I am multi-faced


???? wut



This is the actual lighting

Favourite four pictures :3

Looks simple but a lot of hard work!! Editing the lighting, separating al the pictures into sets so that I don’t get confused, trying out different speeds for the GIFs, and I made a separate set of GIFs for Tumblr too because of the size limit there :< but it’s worth it because I really love how everything turned out!!

Thought that it would be more interesting making GIFs and 2×2 tiles instead of spamming pictures that look nearly the same 😀

Y’know the only place where you get to see photos of me is here and Facebook. Other sites I almost never post pictures of me before, not even in the profile pictures. So I felt a bit weird sharing them on Tumblr but…

Got very excited from the first message because she’s someone I’ve always admired and her blog is one of my favourites >.< I’m not showing off but… compliments from strangers do feel a little different from those from people you personally know. And no I didn’t get any mean messages :p

One of the loveliest message I’ve received on Formspring.
This girl followed me on Plurk, Twitter, Formspring, Tumblr and added me on Facebook omg.
There are a few people like that but very little so I tend to notice them :’) ❤❤❤

Why are some people so nice!!!! And whenever I feel sad I will remember messages like these and tell myself that, somewhere out there, there are people who think I’m amazing (even though they’ve never met me so yeah that can be both good and bad depending on how you view it). Sooo small compliments like these really help 🙂

I am the kind that remember the good things better than the bad. Same goes for compliments and mean things people say. So yeah I’ve received a few anon hate on FS and Tumblr but the amount of compliments (even a simple “I love your blog!”) makes up for and far exceeds them.

I can only remember very vaguely the mean anon messages  but I can remember a lot of the compliments, nearly word for word and from who, in my brain :3 even if they are from years ago ok. Heeeee 😀 so thank you everyone who has every said or done something nice for me

My blog is for me to record down stuff so that I don’t forget things so if you think I am boasting, go away

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