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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

It could have been worse

Last week my mom was saying that my brother and I like to show her attitude. I told her that it could have been worse with some examples and my brother started chipping in too.

“Beat you or scold vulgarities at you”
“Stay out all night and don’t come back for days”
“Steal money from you”
“Join 369”

Haha okay I feel quite bad whenever I show her attitude but sometimes I just can’t help it. Plus which teen doesn’t get irritated and show their parents attitude right? I’m no saint. It’s just like how parents shouldn’t complain that we are on the Internet all day – we could be out doing worse things. Or in my case, spending money like water $_$

And few days back Dian, Darilene and I were talking about how we wished we were born, raised, or lived in the States.

“Driving in cars even to short distances”
“Living in proper houses instead of flats”
“Attending high school instead of whatever we call it here”
“Reasonable weather to wear all my clothes”

But I remembered all the Jacqueline Wilson books I’ve read and mentioned how we could actually be

  • Living in estate flats
  • In the bad part of town
  • From broken homes

People always say the key to happiness is to be content, which I agree with. Everything could have been worse… though I still think it’s a shame that I will never get to experience the high school life that I always read about in books. Imagine all the Potterheads wanting to go to non-existent Hogwarts…

Well, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
UGH I am growing up too fast. This year I will hit 18 and that is the age you graduate high school. Have always imagined being the only Asian in an American high school class but yeah, goodbye that vision 🙁

Then again there is college life and all the roommates etc…
Books really have a way of glorifying everything. Way more than movies ever do, for me.

Wtf I just Googled Image high school and all of the High School Musical things came out. Don’t anyhow please, that is one high school I don’t even want to visit. All they do is sing and play basketball. I mean, I’ve watched all 3 films. The first was nice, second was okay, third mostly sucked.

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