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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

twiinklex ❤

When you don’t look good in photos

You make ugly faces and act like you are just mucking around. Sort of gives out the message you look good normally. Hahaha I do that a lot ;D especially when I just can’t seee to look decent in any of the photos that day. Booo.

Pictures from Friday while I was waiting for my turn at Entreprenuership ICA2 presentation. Being silly and giggly with Darilene instead of practising LOL. I asked her if she ever saw me in a state of panicking and she said “No, only pissed off.” XD

ME EYE ◕‿◕

Fringe always grow so fast! >:(

Guess whether this is posed or impromptu? XD

Love the orange outside.

The main reason I started camwhoring was to take a picture of my dress but I ended up taking stupid shots like of my eye… and I forgot all about a full-length shot!
Anw first time wearing this dress and I really like it 😀 $6 only can you believe it!!

My favourite in the whole batch of stupidity.
There are even more shots like a full-frame of my face but I don’t want give you all nightmares.
They looked okay enough in Preview but totally different on the Photoscape editor so…

Presentation went okay but Denis Ang said I need to be more confident.
Oh and this time, the girls and I were the last to leave class hehehe. Geraldine let us watch the first episode of How I Met Your Mother and I feel like starting on the series!!

Look forward to more updates since it’s the holidays now 😀
Btw I had to password protect for reasons you’ll know once you view it. I’m okay with giving the password to anyone who is a proper blog reader. That includes classmates, Twitter/Tumblr/Plurk followers. Just ask 🙂 You should, because I find it one of the funnier entries ^^

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