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Food tasting at RamenPlay

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Attended a food tasting event at Junction 8’s RamenPlay on Wednesday, courtesy of Nuffnang! Went together with Darilene after our test and we had quite a good time 😀 We had some side dishes for starters and the student meal.

Very first dish we had – Yaki Gyoza!
Cooked to perfection… see the golden brown color?!

Accompanied by this sauce which goes very well together 🙂

This is something like takoyaki but it’s actually called Dango.
Omg super niceeee and I love it!!!!! 😀

The inside is actual meat, not hollow or flour!
RamenPlay prides itself on using quality, top-grade ingredients in their variety of dishes, as you can see.

So now I’ll introduce to you their student meal!
It consists of a choice of either their signature Mustard Chicken Rice OR their specialty Tonkotsu Ramen, and a soft drink! All at an affordable value at $8.80!

I had the Mustard Chicken Rice while Darilene had the ramen.
We tried each other’s ones too!

Generous portion 🙂

Bits of egg and chicken in the rice which was super fragrant.
Chicken on top was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside 😀

Darilene’s Tonkotsu Ramen!
It was missing half an egg and we told the staff.
Then they gave her a whole egg on a small dish! She gave me the other half heheheee ❤ 😀

Looks awesome right ;))))
I love Japanese braised eggs, they are so different from normal eggs and taste so yummeh. It’s like both the white and yolk melt in your mouth ahhh omg ❤❤❤

Array of spices to go with your food!
I loveee their sambal chilli, it’s spicy enough and just the way I like it.

What impressed me just as much as the food did was the service. Full marks, I tell you. Plus the environment was cosy yet spacious, I really like it ^^ All the more you should make a trip to RamenPlay sometime! 😀

Once again, thank you so much Nuffnang and RamenPlay for this wonderful opportunity and experience! ❤

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