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Photobucket bandwidth exceeded :(

Oh man never thought this would happen to me but I reached Photobucket’s bandwidth limit (dependent on the amount of blog traffic). I think my Tumblr played a part too, it was bombed with 1.6k views yesterday because a famous Tumblr with 100k+ followers reblogged me many times in a row -_-

Photobucket resets the bandwidth at the start of each month I think, but I’m considering upgrading to a premium account. Which costs about USD $39.90 for 2 years wtf….is it worth it? So expensive right!!!

Even if the bandwidth resets, it will just exceed again not long after….
Changing hosts is not really an option for a variety of reasons.

Okay most probably will upgrade.
Been planning to do something for ages but what made me hesitate was the bandwidth limit too lol.

Edit: If you all need something but have a problem because you are unable to view the images, please leave a comment or email me to let me know. E.g. The guide to fixing your Tumblr Ask which someone asked about not long ago – I emailed him/her the images with the instructions directly. Always willing to help in any way I can! 🙂

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