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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


love you love you love you love you love you love you omg why you so cute ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan forever and always yay i love ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan hehehehe please tweet more and flood my timeline you cutiepie i wanna nom you up so bad nigahiga rocks higa higa higa yay nigahiga is hotttt wheeee love googling image your pictures and stare stare stare for an eternity in class you are so irresistably cute love love love love ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan omg first time spazzing so much over a celebrity even though my friends tell me you are only youtube famous and not considered a celeb but oh i still love you so very much such that i spazz even in real life not just twitter in class in front of my friends who are all surprised and think i have gone berserk or crazy ahahaha and oooh sometimes i just wanna sing your name because you make me feel so floaty thankyou for lighting up my life like today afternoon when i was so pissed with my retard of a teacher but i saw your tweet and felt so much better heheheee and now i watch your videos every night before sleeping please please please appear in my dreams i wanna see your handsome yummeh face lol i hate you for making me so fangirlish which is a first because i havent spazzed so bad for any other celeb before haha jk i still love you oh so vair much muackszx omg i am creeping myself out and i think i sound so gross but who cares i love love love love love higa tv nigahiga ryan higa ryan ryan ryan yay luv u 4eva and always omg yay ryan you would make a vair good snack because you look so irresistably cute and hot all the time om nom nom yummy f**king love you okokok even your name sounds sexy hahahaha omg can’t believe i havent even watched more than 10 videos of yours but i am so insanely obsessed already ok this is such an unhealthy obsession and i hope it is just another one of my crazy phases though it was like crush at first sight muahaha happy sighhhh times infinity whenever i see your face and your smile is like omg faints lollll people are gonna think i am nuts but still wo hen xi huan ni hottest asian on youtube with a bright killer smile kkk yesyesyesss nigahiga ryan luv ya 4eva n alwayzzzz muahaha 8D

ryan nigahiga❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤

Tumblr face expression

And finally a blog poast that I’m satisfied with after so many nonsense ones.

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