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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Whatever happened to Cherlynn?

I want to blog so badly but I either don’t have the time, mood, inspiration, or energy. Gah.
Am having some trouble with all my photos and organising them {;_;}

Those on my laptop – awaiting editing/edited and to be blogged/blogged and waiting transfer to thumbdrive. My two Photobucket accounts (because storage for 1 is full -_-). Those in my camera waiting to be transferred to laptop. And a lot lah! Pffft.

And YouTube takes such a friggin’ long time to upload few minutes worth of videos! Wutt.

Sorrry please be patient.
I haven’t even watched Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries for a week already 🙁

Oh and best of all, I have 3 ICAs and presentations due the coming week.

Title is in reference to some ancient horror flick titled “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” LOL never watched it before but it was mentioned in my all-time favourite House Of Wax 😀

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  • Relax and breathe calmly 🙂 take it one issue at a time life is too short to fill it with stress … Ur loyal followers understand *hugz*

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