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School is bullshit
Totally @ the black color!
Don’t agree? Read this poast.

LOL today I was playing Bejeweled instead of doing the assigned activity during Ms Soo’s tutorial. We had to log into this school software HeuCampus where I forgot she can see what screen everyone is on.

She suddenly captured stillshots of all the screens everyone was on currently and we could see all the images on the projector in front. Whole class caught me manszx hahahah.

And you know how colorful Bejeweled is -_- Impossible to miss. KNS. Somemore I’m the only one playing games, other than Dian who was on webcam (got the screenshot too). Paiseh maxxx!

Surprisingly Ms Soo did not scold or make sarcastic remarks (her favourite thing to when she knows we using laptop to do other things) though. But cringe-ish nonetheless.

Her lecture afterwards and don’t know why her slides got mention “Cyberloafing”.

“Cyberloafing stands for lost productivity time as an result of an employee using the Internet at work for personal reasons.”


Prolly gonna uber low class participation marks in her modules this semester. Last Friday at the start of the lesson, she was preaching about how awesome our course (or whatever I can’t remember) is and I unwittingly conked out on the table.

I wonder if that was why she called me out to do the roleplay with Regine afterwards.

Nowadays so tired even though I am sleeping a little earlier (2, 3am) than last semester (4, 5 am)!!! Hate hate hate lectures I wanna sleeeeep.

Shit tomorrow got finance and I totally don’t know how to do the homework -_- gonna go secondary-style copying!! Even if I don’t KO during the lecture, I will definitely be hiding behind my bag playing Gerry/Darry’s iPhones or reading. Anything but paying attention.

Help I’m so dead this semester T^T

People in schoolTHIS.

Okay maybe not so extreme. Neutral with several and I absolutely love my girls. But then there are those irritating few whom I would really like to punch.

Last Friday during lecture, Darry and I were just chatting. This classmate went to sshhhhh! us very loudly and then went I turned towards her direction, she was GLARING MURDEROUSLY at us. Like we did something heinous to her. Rude much?

All we did was to talk and while I’m sorry for being a source of distraction, I also totally have freedom of speech! Need you get your knickers into such a twist over something so trivial?

Today, she shhhh here glare there and don’t know what again. Whatever lah.
I talk whenever I want to!

I am so glad that for all the ICAs so far, we are allowed to pick our own group members. I can’t even begin to describe how amazingly fantabulously marvellous that is.

For one module we had to get into groups of 3 and only one group can have 4. After Ms Soo announced it, I piped up immediately and asked if we can be the group of 4. And we got it :> Yayyyy no need split!

Seems like a lot of other people wanted to be the group of 4 but ohwell I said it first :)))))))) A little bit paiseh for being so kias  and I think other people aren’t exactly happy but it’s worth it.

In another 3 modules, the group work are all in pairs. Took turns pairing with each of my 3 girls of course 😀 seriously I love it when things fall perfectly into place like this!

Unfortunately I wouldn’t say the same for other cliques with odd-numbered people. Tension was especially intense during Mr Azhar’s class when he said he would give us 5 minutes to pick our partners before telling him. Can see some people super unhappy to be the odd one out or be left out… :S

So glad that there’s no such problem between us YET… but if it’s me I’d would volunteer to be the odd one out and then quickly grab another likeable, cooperative person who is also odd one out -_-

Honest! Then we can take turns being the odd one out or something.

Come to think of it, class itself is quite a scary and intimidating environment. Turns out some people aren’t who they appear to be after all. That’s why I rather keep to myself and my own clique.

Well I know such awesomeness of working with my favourite girls won’t last long, but I just wanna make the best out of it while I can.

They are the bright spot in this hellhole called school and lunch breaks with them is the only time in school worth looking forward to (I wanted to type, “…the only time in school I won’t conk out but I remembered the Koufu incident so ohwell HAHA) <3

The above are just few illustrations of the bullshittyness of school.
I actually get up from my warm, comfy bed every morning for this kind of bullshit.

Might as well be a cyberloafer, no?

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