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Dirty little secret

twiinklex™Fell asleep during Finance lecture today and drooled on my notes.
Same thing happened earlier in Koufu during break, drool and all.

So now you all know my dirty (pun not intended) little not-so secret.

“Those who are sleeping please wake up, this part is tested.” — Miss Wong
Some classmates turn behind, see me and start laughing.

Also played a shaving app on Gerry’s iPhone. Basically you just shave hair on a skin surface. Shave too much and it bleeds. Deliberately made the whole screen bleed and cackled hysterically. Darry says I’m psycho.

Highlight of my day.

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  • Wow haha I had the same problem in a work meeting the other day it seems I’m not the only person that gets sleepy hearing about finance haha

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