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Movie Madness

2 weeks ago I was in the movie phase. Went to search movies online and watch till shiok. But like all my other phases, it lasted for not even a week. Teeheeee.

So shall share with you all what I’ve watched.
Some are pretty disturbing/gory and contain mature themes 8)
I think all are considered “old movies” but I am a laggard and proud.

1) Dear John (2010)

Dear John

Definitely an overrated movie. Even the ending which I’d highly anticipated was disappointing. There were some bits that I liked though.

I think I’d have liked the movie a whole load better if it weren’t for Amanda Seyfried. Omg hate her stupid face eeek. Actually I started out liking the movie but then it got worse.

Especially the part where Savannah goes berserk and breaks down, lamenting how hard it has been for her blah. Like stfu bitch you married another guy of your own accord so how is that John’s fault and anw it’s too late for regrets so just fuck off please.

So you see, this made me abhor Savannah as a character and Amanda Seyfried playing the role only makes it worse.

But guess what. Happy ending and they ended up together like lameeee only but aiya whatever.

2) The Notebook (2004)

The NotebookLove the tagline.

The Notebook

Love this! It’s a little similar to Dear John but better in every way. Sooo touching and I love the bittersweet ending. Beginning was a bit siao but I can accept, hahah. I think the script was very well written too!

I watched Dear John before The Notebook because everywhere I googled said they the former was better BUT I BEG TO DIFFER. How can anyhow prefer Dear John over The Notebook! Bleh.

3) A Walk To Remember (2002)

A Walk To Remember

I absolutely love this, it is beyond brilliant and even watching the trailer over and over again makes me cry. I think this is another movie I can watch countless times and still not get tired of it. And Mandy Moore is sooo pretty even acting as a plain Jane!!

Many many many favourite scenes especially this –

So the above all are 3 very famous movies adapted from books written by Nicholas Sparks. A Walk To Remember is my utmost favourite and also the very first movie I watched out of all 3 😀

I am super impressed and amazed by Nicholas Sparks. Seems like all his books all made into movies lor, pro or what!!! I’ve never read his books before. Shall try to read sometime and also watch the other movies such as Nights in Ro-something and The Last Song.

4) Fly Me To Polaris (1999)

Fly Me To Polaris

Buahahah the movies like getting older and older. Below got even older one hehehe.

Super sad movie!!! Super like it too… I love the part where he pretends to be reading from the diary but actually it’s just an empty book. It’s like he remembered everything so clearly in his mind, he can totally recite his whole diary.

Do such guys even exist now?

5) Avatar (2009)


I can so totally understand why everyone is full of praise of it.
Just. Simply. Amazing. Enough said.

Wish I had went to see the 3D version in theatres last time with my cousin (I overslept -_-) because I think it’ll be even more spectacular. I bought the DVD for $9.90 only ahahaha. Also another movie I can watch non-stop!!!

Okay enough of the gushy love stuff now moving on.
Don’t be shocked kkk I love disturbing movies and I’m trying to challenge my own tolerance.

6) Hansel and Gretel (2007)

Hansel and Gretel

This is not disturbing lah, just a Korean horror movie. Felt like watching a horror movie and I selected this randomly. Was quite nice actually and kept me guessing what’s going on and going to happen next. Woohoo right choice ^^

7) Last House On The Left

Last House On the Left
Lol apparently the tagline “…keep repeating…” is famous

I went to Google for a list of the most disturbing films of all time and this appeared on nearly every list. There is a 2009 remake but I don’t know whether to watch it.

I didn’t know that this one I watched was a cut version (80plus minutes) but even so, Wikipedia mentioned that the uncut version (91 minutes) is super rare. Pffftt.

I don’t think this movie is that disturbing actually. A lot of blood, but not graphic, except for the scene where the gang tried to remove the girl’s intestines.

The gangleader supposedly carved his name onto her chest with a knife like this:

Last House On The Left

But I didn’t see his name so clear like that! I only saw a pool of blood like this:

Last House On The Left

So the atrocities committed by the gang on the girls included amputating of an arm, removal of intestines, repeated stabbing, rape, the above carving, and other forms of humiliation and torture.

Hahahaha I think her friend deserved to get stabbed so many times, she is so effing irritating. Meh, nothing great about this movie actually. Don’t have good flow.

So this is the end of my movie phase last week. But since we’re on the topic, let’s go even further back to what I’ve watched in the past few months.

8) I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

I Spit On Your Grave

Another movie that appeared on ALL the lists of disturbing movies. Plus it’s the same genre as Last House On the Left (but I watched this earlier).There’s a 2010 remake which I haven’t watched.

This is graphic and disturbing. And fucking disgusting too. Feels more like a plot out to sadistically torture the woman instead, not a proper movie. Like porn flick -_-

I skipped most of the movie and only watched the last 30 minutes, where she started killing the gang members one by one. Ya, only around 30 minutes of the whole movie is the revenge part wtf right.

I Spit On Your GraveLoads of blood toooo.
She kills them off in gruesome ways without batting an eyelid.

Can you believe the director and lead actress were husband and wife? Like why would you want to film your wife being brutually and repeatedly raped by a gang??

I wonder who sat through the whole film and watched every minute of it -_- So graphic and unbearable. And it’s not the last 30 minutes of killing that I’m referring to.

9) Speak (2004)


Heard from don’t know where that it’s nice so I watched it. Thought it was quite good even though it starred Kristen Steward and I can’t stand her ewww gag. I recognised an actor from Shattered Glass ^^

I read the book weeks after watching the movie and IT’S BEYOND SUPERB!! (L) Remember the poast I made the other time with all the quotes? 😀 Only some bits were done better in the movie. Ooooh fabulous book, no wonder it’s so famous.

10) Smile Pretty (2009)

Smile Pretty

Heard of this along with Speak so I watched it too. Quite nice and I think the lead actress is pretty 😀 don’t know why it’s not very well-known though, I can’t even find anything about it on Wikipedia?!

And and and I think I am blardie naive and stupid because all along I thought the guy really loved her. Only at the very end then I realised that he’s just a paedophile -_- Really seemed as if he did, saving her and all… but in the end he wanted to leave her. For someone younger zzzz.

And I still didn’t get it then! I only got it at the very last minute when the police caught him! Wtf how dumb can I gettttt :<

So that’s all. I only included movies which I watched online (except Avatar) because usually I don’t fancy watching movies online. I prefer watching old stuff on TV/DVD again and again (L)

I just realised that 4 out of 10 of these movies mention themes of rape and sexual assault/abuse wtf -_- Now everyone’s gonna think I’m some perv with a twisted mind nooooo.

Also,whilst searching for a list of the most disturbing movies all-time, there was one that appeared on every single site that I went to too. Won’t reveal the title but I found out on Wikipedia that it’s one of the few banned movies in Singapore. Pffft!

Nevertheless, tried searching for the movie and I found a few sites! Just that whenever I try clicking Play, a notice comes out saying that it’s not available in my country or something like that. Zzz :/ I hate censorship.

K lah shall stop here, I drafted this poast over days even before my exams. Started drafting the letters for the 30-day blog challenge already too but I cannot start publishing until Saturday for a very special reason :>

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