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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Adrenaline rushes

Time to let goLong ago.

Seems like a long time since I last updated. Well not properly anw. No pics and all. But nevermind, there are just so many things I have to let out.

So where do I begin? I don’t know. I guess I’ll just highlight the main happenings this week.


Group presentation on Singapore’s Radio Industry went all right but felt scary. JuJu said her legs turned jelly and that it was scarier than BPS – imagine that.

Must be the teacher.
ChrisP is so nice and cool about practically everything while Chong is…

Did the craziest and awesomest thing too 😀

3 hours of lecture, 2 more hours left. Don’t know how the idea came about but JuJu suddenly and randomly mentioned ponning. I was like, serious? Serious?

So we did.

Gerry and Darry helped us keep a lookout to make sure that we didn’t suay suay bump into John Ho. JuJu and I grabbed our stuff and we ran out of the theatre in the other direction.

It was amazing. It felt amazing.
I couldn’t stop laughing. Cackle cackle. I love Judith Yeong very much.

I once mentioned before that JuJu and I share a Titanic relationship – You pon, I pon. Wooo I like 😀

Anw, I don’t know what’s wrong with me of late but I guess I just got too stressed and finally snapped. Been feeling bored (not tired, but bored) of Life and school and everything.

I hope it’s just temporary because it makes me dread school like never before. I hardly pay attention in class and I don’t know what’s going on in nearly every module. And I’m becoming brain-dead from Bejeweled overload to kill time till classes end.

Plus more and more shocks.
Fortunately I do not have a weak heart or I might have an heart attack from all the multiple shocking revelations.


DFVP ICA3 written test.
Passing would be a miracle. Fuck. Why did I not study harder.

Mr Azhar showed us a movie called Serpat and I like the ending, nothing else. That is all. Even though my initial reaction was, “Wtf?!” but hey I like the ending! I can understand it, but I simply can’t explain it no matter how hard I try.

Some people compared it to Romeo and Juliet.
What a f*cking insult. My husband’s work masterpiece and the modern movie adaptation is way better in all senses lah okay!!


I was bursting to spill everything and let it all out to Darilene but it is so hard just getting a chance to sit side by side, let alone talk. Why do we have to keep doing group work. And why don’t I ever get to work with anyone part of Clique except for JuJu?

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life that can make one happy. Like walking to the mrt together with JuJu, chatting while slurping our iced coffees (which tasted more like Chinese medicine !@#$%).

Usually I walk to MRT with Gerry or alone but today is kinda different. Anw, it feels nice, simple things like that which can make you oh-so-happy.

I prolly sound like some stalker lesbo gaga-ing over JuJu but seriously, I love these people so much, I can’t imagine what I’m gonna do without them.

Seriously? Clique and my laptop are the only ones preserving any remaining ounce of sanity I’ve left whenever I’m in school. Not that I ain’t crazy to begin with but… you get the idea.


Today was all right.
I kinda feel inspired to work hard all over again, for some weird unfathomable reason.

Was supposed to watch Despicable Me with some people but I couldn’t make it. Went to meet YouYou for awhile instead and how can I even begin to describe how wonderful it was to see her again?

Somehow, I can always talk to her about anything and everything. I miss her so much already 🙁 The time I have with her is never enough, we never run out of things to talk about.

I’m so sad we didn’t get much time together today because I had to rush to my grandmother’s house after awhile. I wish I could have stayed longer and talked to her more. But nevermind, just being able to see her again today was fantastic enough and I know we have plenty more chances in the future.

Mad tired and I still have to give tuition at 11am tomorrow (!!! anything before 2pm? is early please – I am late for school even on days when classes start at 12noon hahaha) but I have so much to let out and I think I will continue in the next poast.

I sound like a blardie lezzie in this poast?

Today Darry told me to quickly take a picture with JuJu and put it as my FB profile pic so that people will stop bothering me. I don’t know if we are meant to be lesbo partners or a pseudo-couple.

Well I doubt anyone will believe me, whatever the case.
Forget it. I don’t know how much more and how much longer of all these I can take.

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