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Here's some rojak

Because I can’t keep up with my overdue entries anymore.

Film strip memories

Can you believe that I still have waiting entries from LAST YEAR?
Hahahah. Other than special occasions and all, I cannot remember which picture is for when.

All the bits and pieces from here and there, I’ll try to put into this poast :} it’s gonna be long (and splendid) so I hope you got the stamina!

rainbowloveee™ Thanks Ferry for thinking of meeee 😀

If everything goes well, she will be visiting from Philippines in December, I can’t wait!

Be A Bear
Rawr, sounds good.

Twilight VS Harry Potter
I have said this before and I will say it again –
Stephenie Meyer SUCKS!

I think it’s sad that a tune as lovely as River Flows In You keeps being linked to the shitcrap movie otherwise known as Twilight. The tune wasn’t even used in the movie in the first place -_- Please lor.


Went to Rozel at AMK yesterday to look at furniture. Parents planned to buy a new mattress for their bed only, but ended up buying both that and a new double-decker bed for me and Bro too! 😀

And they are planning to change all the wardrobes at home to new ones too soon.

Couple of months back they changed the main door, iron gate, and windows.

rainbowloveee™Workers drilling and scaring the hell out of my piggies 🙁
Sayonara, old door and rusty gate.

If you visited my house before, you might recall that the door cannot push back fully. And people keep thinking it’s due to the shoe rack behind but it’s not! It’s because the door spoil.

Problem gone now, with…

Bonjour, new door.

Buddie stuck the numbers and hyphen {LOL?} up 😀

New gate!

I likeeeeee ^-^

Actually I love my house and all. Wouldn’t want to move!
Location is perfect and all :}

Anyway. Back to Rozel.
{See lah, always get sidetracked like this so easily!}

I think it’s quite a good furniture place. Very good prices and the guy who served us was wonderful. Nothing like great service to make customers happy.

Will not ramble on about his eloquence, patience, giving us discounts, telling us everything we want/need to know blah3, because that’s so basic.

The point is this…

rainbowloveee™JingJing the panda, one of the 5 Beijing Olympics 2008 mascots 😀

We were looking at the beds and this was on display on the bed, purely just for decoration.

As you all might know, I came to like pandas a lot (not as much as sheep tho) because my very first guinea pig (deceased T_T) looked like one.

So JingJing was my favourite mascot out of all 5.
Went to take and hug it. Then my parents asked the salesguy if I could have it as free gift LOL

He was like, shhh and gestured for me to hide it in my mother’s bag!!
It was quite big but I managed to squeeze it in.

rainbowloveee™SO CUTE

He is so nice lah okay!
Oh and when we made payment, he said we can add him on Facebook. My mother tried looking but can’t find his account ley.

Oooooh so excited for the new bed. I’m so happy with it, that I don’t even mind having to go back to sharing a room with my brother again. It has loads of space and compartments for all my neverending collection of toys and books! ^-^

All the furniture will be delivered next week, more photos then 😀


rainbowloveee™Few weeks back on a Wednesday, Mark Juan treated 7 of us to this hotdog waffle sold in school 😀

MJ is nice even though he is soooo irritating sometimes.

JuJu loves the pandan waffle outside. She asked if anyone want sthe hotdog then she just eat the layer of waffle.

I like the waffle layer ‘cos it’s very crisp

But hotdog waffle is not my favourite at that stall. It’s…

rainbowloveee™ HOTDOG PRATA!!!

rainbowloveee™Honestly, this is SOOO good that I wanna eat it everyday.

It’s hotdog wrapped in prata, then inside got lettuce and mayonnaise and chilli. Much of a spicy freak I am, I always eat without chilli because I prefer it this way. Always ask for extra mayo hehehe ^-^

Abit expensive for $2 each but it’s just soooo niceeeee!!! (Y)
Comes in different hotdog flavour – black pepper, cheese, chicken satay.

Bought all 3 flavours  home one day for my family and everyone raved about it. Really, it’s awesome!!! 😀

I wished that the hotdog would be replaced by my favourite oriental sausage though! Told mom about it and she said she will make for me 😀 wow perfect yum.

rainbowloveee™Iced tea from Koufu is especially nice too 😀

Now Darry and Gerry keep drinking it too, hehehe 😀
But really, it’s a perfect concoction. Right compositions of everything.

I don’t like all the food shots in this entry, including those of the hotdogs just now 🙁 not niceeee.



rainbowloveee™I pasta
I colesaw
I chicken chop
I being lame like this -_-


Not everything in school is yummy though. Some are just average and some are plain awful.

rainbowloveee™Tried on Nicole’s double ring from F21
{this is from so long ago that now my nail polish all peeling already -_-}


rainbowloveee™Attempting to take “artistic” shots

rainbowloveee™Thing is… they are usually anything but artistic.

rainbowloveee™So noobish. I won’t even say amateurish.
I have so much to learn!

Anyway, I have gone further into photo-editing.
You know the only editing I have been doing is to resize and add borders to the photographs in bulk right?

Yesterday I went further and tried to change the lighting, brightness and contrast.
Wow, makes so much difference!!!

Most of the images in this entry are still the old ones. Those with pink margins around them are the new ones. I don’t know why I added a pink margin. I guess I just like to see the color, hahaha.

All these I did with just Photoscape which is quite simple to use. People recommended Gimp to me which is similar to Photoshop. Tried to use but it’s so complex.

I tried to make my face slimmer but I ended up looking mutated -_-

I think with practice, I’ll get better. But right now, really no time to go slowly learn or practice, so I shall stick with Photoscape.

So now I shall start editing photos one by one & change the lighting etc.
Shall leave my face as it is (they don’t have remove blemishes function but nevermind). Well, I may not be super pretty but at least I am not hideous until need virtual plastic surgery, so ohwell.

So here’s an example of the difference lighting and contrasting makes –





These 2 are super blur pictures which I tried to “salvage”. Because act smart and use one hand take picture, then hand shaky -_-

I’ll admit that it’s not very well done… but as usual, Practice Makes Perfect!

The following pictures all never edit though, too lazy.
All bad shots and taken sloppily because weather is killing me and I’m sweating like mad – who will got mood go pose nicely and take photo??? Not me.


I just wanted to take a photo of what I was wearing that day because I liked my outfit. It was ICA1 for Creativity & Thinking Skills that day and we had to go up to do a group presentation. Hence, dressed up a bit.

rainbowloveee™Don’t like my face here but I like the hair color -_-

Our group agreed on semi-formal attire but I think we overdressed. Other people were still dressing normally LOL. Then some keep asking why I wear so nice today? Hahahaaa but nevermind, I like what I wore 😀



So… HURRAH for ICA1 being over for 4 modules!!! 😀
CTS on Monday as stated above with MJ and Shariffah, Filmmaking (DFVP) module with Nicole and Brandon, BPS (meow meow) and Scriptwriting.

DFVP on wednesday was kind of insane.
We had 2 hours to film and another 2 hours for editing. It was hard work but fun at the same time 😀 The most surprising thing was that my group was the first to submit our work.

Some of the seniors keep telling our group that they think we’ll be one of the highest scorers because our work is one of the best (really meh)… Well we’ll see :}

BPS ICA2 is coming, omg wtf so fast!
Seems like just yesterday when I meowed in front of 30 people!!

Did my feature article for Scriptwriting ICA1 till 3am that day T_T
I opened up my Word document hours ago but I started damn late. Was in a joint convo with 10+ classmates 😀 they are all so funny lah okay!!! Keep LOL-ing like mad.

Usually during a boring lecture, someone starts a convo and adds everyone. Teeheehee so fun. But I think out of all times, that night was the best! (Y)

So yeah, it’s been a pretty insane week and I nearly lost myself into the throes of depression for good, had it not been for the marvellous people around me ♥ You people rock, you know that? :}

I guess that’s all for now.
Wooo long poast, but I like! 😀
Hope it isn’t brain-overload for you all!

People cook/eat rojak, but I blog it 🙂
Hehehe, go figure.

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